Country Measures & Experiences in Mitigating The Impact of COVID-19

Author Topic: Country Measures & Experiences in Mitigating The Impact of COVID-19  (Read 22 times)

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On 24 June 2020, GPFI members convened virtually for the Second GPFI Plenary Meeting under the Saudi G20 Presidency. The agenda items included COVID-19 Pandemic and the global economic response. Members discussed various activities taken by their countries/organizations to combat the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the economy and its consequences on people’s livelihood. With the conclusion of the Second Plenary Meeting, GPFI members issued a Statement on COVID-19 Response, reaffirming the G20 commitment under the G20 Action Plan in response to COVID-19 pandemic. Through the issued statement, GPFI Members affirmed their Commitment to promote financial inclusion through sharing their country experiences and measures to mitigate the impacts brought by COVID-19. In accordance with the G20 GPFI Statement on COVID-19 Response and based on the commitment made from members on knowledge sharing, this document compiles the collective actions of different countries and organizations globally.

See the Attachment to know more details about G20 GPFI Report on:

1.Country Measures and Experience
2.International Organizations Measures and Experiences

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